The importance of air lessons

Hello all.

It is hard to believe we are already 7 weeks into term 1.

We have had a very different start to the year. I hope everyone is recovered after our Home Tutors week. All being well I look forward to a face-to-face event next year.

Home visits commenced and then moved to in-school /online due to COVID. As soon as the current situation changes, we will be commencing our regular visit program again. For our new families please note from this year we have gone back to two home visits per family each year.

Air lessons are very important for all students to have regular dialogue with teachers as well as other students. Teachers spend much time and effort preparing air lessons to teach important concepts and gather essential information.

Regular attendance assists teachers to tailor follow up lessons and programs to meet the students’ needs and improve educational progress. Don’t forget to notify school if your students are unable to attend Air lessons.

On a technical note we have had a few glitches with internet over the past few weeks. There have been a number of upgrades taking place here at school. This will enhance our systems and hopefully give us more speed and stability into the future.

Until next time. Kind regards

Max Principal